Our History

The Janis Center Model Railroad Club was formed in October of 1980. The membership now consists of members, many of whom are retired, but represent careers in business and other professions. Some of the members earned their living working the railroad system. At the present time there are about 45 members. The only requirement is that prospective members join the Columbus Senior Center and be interested in any phase of model railroading.

The Janis Junction Railroad Company is a mythical bridge line or junction railroad serving the lower region of the state of Ohio. As a junction or bridge line railroad, it interchanges with the prototype railroads and locomotives and rolling stock of such Class 1 mainline railroads such as the Pennsylvania, Baltimore and Ohio, New York Central, Chesapeake and Ohio, and others are seen operating on the trade system of the Janis Junction Railway Company.

As the business of the company grew, the thriving little metropolis of Janis Junction grew beside the interchange area. This is the principle urban area represented on the railroad. The railroad represents service to the coal mining area of central and southeast Ohio, to the oil fields and to the farm raising livestock, corn, and wheat and to the many small industries that require rail service. The time period is approximately 1920-1970.

The reporting marks for the road as JJ Ry. The herald is the outline of the State of Ohio pierced by an arrow with the legend Golden Buckeye Road.

The Club has enjoyed the support and cooperation of the administration of the Martin Janis Center as well as the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. Local building trades unions and contractors contributed resources to the construction of the clubroom.

The 3 track layout is 15 scale miles long in HO scale and is fully landscaped. It includes passenger stations as well as two freight yards and a operating turntable and roundhouse.

The club owns locomotives, as well as freight and passenger cars, and club members can also run their own equipment.

The club operates daylight hours during the Ohio State Fair, and is open to members and visitors at other times when the center is open.